The Slovak pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has opened to the public, we present ourselves to the world through the Climate and Biodiversity theme

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Business missions         6.10.2021

The Slovak pavilion at the world Expo 2020 Dubai has been fully operational since Sunday, 3 October. It was made available to the Ministry of Environment, which is the first government delegation to participate in the first thematic block at Expo 2020 Dubai. It covers the Climate and Biodiversity theme. The pavilion is also open to the general public from today.

“We opened the Slovak pavilion on Sunday, 3 October. The Ministry of Economy together with the SARIO agency prepared a several-day professional programme based on the individual requirements of business mission participants, creating opportunities for numerous meetings at the Slovak pavilion, and networking during visits to other pavilions,” said Miroslava Valovičová, General Commissioner of Slovak Expo at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Slovak pavilion was first visited by Minister of Economy Richard Sulík and Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic Ján Budaj with his delegation and Slovak Ambassador to the UAE Michal Kováč.

The main event of Climate and Biodiversity thematic week is the leaders’ discussion about the European Green Deal: Research and innovation as tools to facilitate climate neutrality, opened by Ján Budaj, the Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The discussion is organized by the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels. In addition to Minister Ján Budaj, a delegation of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic also took part in the event.

“Slovakia is an innovative country in many ways, including ecology and sustainability, and today we can show this to the world. One of the goals of Expo 2020 Dubai over the next two weeks is to inspire state representatives, entrepreneurs, and visitors in how they can fight climate change while preserving biodiversity,” said Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Ján Budaj.

The delegation of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic to Expo 2020 Dubai also includes a business mission, which was professionally provided by the Ministry of the Environment. It aims to establish business and investment connections, with Slovakia represented by 12 successful companies such as Sensoneo, Innobat, Elis Tech, Achee Tech, Bioelektra SE, Panara, Safra Photonics, and E-vision.

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic created conditions for Slovak entrepreneurs to have business meetings and establish potential business partnerships. The programme and negotiations with Slovak entrepreneurs are also attended by foreign entrepreneurs who represent major global companies based in the UAE.

“The business mission of the Ministry of Environment, which is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and SARIO agency, wants to show a global audience how Slovakia can contribute to the global efforts for sustainability, decarbonisation, and the green economy. These companies have something to offer the world and will compete with global players,” added Miroslava Valovičová.

During the Ministry of Environment’s three-day mission, over 20 individual B2B meetings and four expert workshops on sustainability will be held.


The Ministry of Environment mission also includes the participation and opening address by Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic Ján Budaj, as the first speaker at the Climate and Biodiversity Business Forum, organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Today, Minister Ján Budaj also met with the Minister of Environment of Israel, Tamar Zandberg.

Peter Blaškovitš, CEO of the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, also spoke today in an international panel discussion focused on green and transparent financing, which discussed the sustainable and carbon neutral economy in line with the global energy strategy.

Expo 2020 Dubai, which will run until 31 March 2022 and feature 193 countries, will have three main themes: Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

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