Slovakia ceremonially presented its Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion with an emphasis on national hydrogen strategy

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Special events         22.10.2021

The Slovak exposition at Expo 2020 Dubai, headed by Prime Minister Eduard Heger, ceremonially presented the Slovak Pavilion. This represents the concept of a hydrogen car developed in cooperation with the leading Slovak automotive company the Matador Group and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Technology in Košice. Together with other key exhibits such as the Androver space robot and VRM flight simulator, the Slovak Republic is at the world
Expo Dubai 2020 to showcase such innovations. The ceremonial presentation of the Slovak pavilion attracted the attention of Expo 2020 Dubai organizers, foreign media, and the Minister of International Cooperation and the Director General of Dubai World Expo 2020, Reem Al Hashimi.

At the ceremonial presentation of the Slovak Pavilion, Prime Minister Heger, together with Economy Minister Richard Sulík, welcomed the Minister of International Cooperation and the Director General of the Dubai World Expo 2020 Reem Al Hashimi. The Minister of Transport and Tourism Andrej Doležal was also part of the Slovak Republic’s political delegation together with Miroslava Valovičová, the General Commissioner of Expo Dubai 2020.

“The Dubai Expo is the place for people from all over the world to meet under one roof for the next six months. For Slovakia it’s a great opportunity to present to the world what we have long known – that Slovakia is a beautiful, successful, and innovative country. We will also present our national talents at the Slovak pavilion, “said Prime Minister Heger. “We present Slovakia as one of the most advanced countries, as evidenced by our mobility exposition,” explained Minister Sulík. “I am very grateful for all visitors – Slovak and foreign – who appreciate that we are a country with innovative technologies and also natural wealth,” added Exhibition Commissioner, Miroslava Valovičová.

The ceremonial programme’s presentation began with a solo futuristic cello being accompanied by other musical instruments. During “The River” song by Miriam Kaiser & Band, the main exhibits were gradually revealed. Duo Eva Slyarová and Martin Bány, choreographed by Andrej Petrovic, added to the experience with a stage dance.

The leitmotif of the Slovak exhibition, located at the heart of the Mobility Zone, is future movement: hydrogen, aviation, and space. The exceptional hydrogen car concept demonstrates Slovakia’s ability to innovate, represents the future of mobility, and thereby contributes to the objective of global sustainability.

The MH2 hydrogen car concept was created in cooperation between automotive industry leader Matador Group with over a century of experience, and the Technical University of Košice. This collaboration embodies the World Exhibition’s main mission: “Connecting minds, creating the future.” The MH2 was designed by Slovak Branislav Maukš, who has contributed to the design of each Ferrari model produced since 2007. The concept of hydrogen sports symbolizes a unique, functional design, as well as the latest technologies and materials. “The MH2 shape is very aerodynamic and manly, reminiscent of an athlete primed to accelerate from the starting line,” said MH2 main designer Branislav Maukš.

Another main exhibit is the Androver space robot developed by Slovak company RoboTech Vision and Michaela Musilová, a Slovak astrobiologist. The robot was first used for the internal development of autonomous navigation algorithms, and subsequently on a simulated space mission under the auspices of the European Space Agency at the HI-SEAS station in Hawaii.

The main Slovak pavilion exhibits are complemented by a VRM simulator from Virtual Reality Media, which specializes in flight and ground technology simulators. The exhibition uses innovative digital simulation technologies, 3D visualizations, powerful graphics stations, and interactive systems that enable global aviation training approximating real-world conditions.

An integral part of the Slovak pavilion’s ceremonial presentation was the exposition of exceptionally beautiful nature, as one of our country’s greatest treasures.  A unique preview was created by SLOVAKIA TRAVEL – the agency that supports Slovak tourism. “Our exposition combines incredibly beautiful landscapes and art. It makes a striking contrast to topics such as innovation and mobility,” said Václav Mika, SLOVAKIA TRAVEL’s CEO. Slovakia’s beautiful breathtaking mountains, natural springs, majestic castles, and charming chateaux were also appreciated by Minister Reem Al Hashimi during a private walk around the Slovak pavilion. The ceremonial presentation of the Slovak Pavilion concluded with a visit by Prime Minister Eduard Heger, Minister of Economy Richard Sulík, and Minister of Transport and Tourism Andrej Doležal to the UAE’s host pavilion. There they paid tribute and expressed gratitude for the Slovak Republic’s invitation to the Expo Dubai 2020 world exhibition.

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