Slovakia and space at Expo Dubai: Our scientists, researchers, students and teachers present space innovations to the world

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Business missions         22.10.2021

World Expo Dubai 2020 is all about to space this week, and Slovakia certainly has something to showcase. One of the Slovak Pavilion’s main exhibits is the Androver space robot. It was developed by the Slovak company RoboTech Vision, which is part of a simulated mission to Mars under the auspices of ESA and led by Slovak scientist Dr. Michaela Musilová. Together with other innovative companies that are part of a business mission organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter the MŠVVaŠ SR) and the SARIO agency, we show the world that we are keeping pace with issues such as space. 

As research, development, science, and innovation belong to the education sector, a delegation went to Dubai led by the State Secretary of the MŠVVaŠ SR, Ľudovít Paulis, together with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Marian Majer spoke at a presentation about: Defense and Security in the Space Sector.

“Space Week complements one of our pavilion’s main themes, namely future mobility and the universe. We also adapted our representation at the Expo in Dubai to reflect this. We have exhibitors from the automotive and software sectors, we present our scientists’ amazing projects to the world. These are all areas with strong potential for international cooperation, “said MŠVVaŠ SR State Secretary Ľudovít Paulis.

Along with an education sector delegation, scientists and entrepreneurs, students and teachers also travelled to Dubai – selected from motivated teachers and students who are fascinated by the universe. They won the trip to Expo Dubai 2020 as a reward. Their presentation of inspiring teaching about space will be an official feature of the Slovak pavilion programme.

Part of our exhibition especially attracts the attention of visitors and foreign delegations one of our main exhibits, the Androver spacecraft from RoboTech Vision. The robotics hobby of its three Slovak founders led them to establishing an innovative company that is collaborating on a space mission at the HI-SEAS station in Hawaii. It simulates life on Mars and is led by Slovak astrobiologist Michaela Musilová.

Michaela Musilová invites you to visit the Slovak Pavilion

She comments that Androver is exceptional in being remotely controllable in challenging lava terrain. It can move in conditions that have hitherto hindered other space rovers.

“We can use Androver to test terrain to ascertain whether it is challenging or dangerous, protecting astronauts from unwelcome surprises – both on simulated and real space mission, “reveals Michaela Musilová.

“I think that for a country like Slovakia it is important to participate in events such as Expo Dubai 2020. Because we have great innovative potential in Slovakia, and numerous skilled people and projects that are simply not known in the world and which deserve global attention. This leads to international cooperation and connections,” she added.

This uniquely experienced Slovak astrobiologist personally attended many spectacular events during space week at Expo Dubai. These included a lecture on astrobiology under the auspices of the Edinburgh Science Festival, a lecture on the industrialization of space, Slovakia’s space potential at the Space Business Forum, and a discussion about women in space.

One of the main events of space week is a High Level Discussion attended by the MŠVVaŠ SR called “Slovakia’s Research Potential in Science and Tech “in the congress part of the Slovak pavilion. MŠVVaŠ SR State Secretary Ľudovít Paulis and an education sector delegation will participate in a bilateral meeting about the mutual presentation of the space sector in Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates, organized by the SARIO agency and the UAE Space Agency in Dubai. During this week, the MŠVVaŠ SR delegation will also visit the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai – an advanced science and technology center focused on space technologies.

Part of space week and the MŠVVaŠ SR delegation to Expo Dubai is also a business mission, which is jointly covered by the education sector and SARIO. It aims to represent space-related Slovak innovative companies such as M2M Solutions, 3IPK, Touch4IT, AB Merit, and SPINEA, and establish business and investment partnerships. “The thematic space week is full of presentations, panel discussions, and topics such as blockchain, satellite mission planning, nuclear emergency response using satellite data, the space ecosystem in developing space countries, and the future of Earth and space. It’s amazing to see the successful scientists and inspiring entrepreneurs we have in Slovakia, and how we can present our space-related potential at the highest level, “concludedMiroslava Valovičová, Commissioner General of the Slovak exposition at Expo Dubai 2020.

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