Hydrogen car MH2

Visitors from all over the world can take a look at the first Slovak hydrogen car in the Slovak pavilion.

MATADOR Group in cooperation with TUKE University in Košice presented a unique concept of a hydrogen car.

The MH2 represents the highest level of Slovak innovation in the automotive industry.

This sporty concept car is based on hydrogen technology with a timeless design. The shape of the car follows the shape of a raindrop for better aerodynamics.

The chief designer of the hydrogen concept car is Branislav Maukš.

Matador Group | Technical University of Košice

At MATADOR Group we believe in hydrogen power and we are very pleased to be able to materialize our vision in cooperation with TUKE in our joint car.

Štefan Rosina

The MH2 hydrogen concept car represents future technologies in the automotive industry. In the words of Štefan Rosina, Matador Group is proud of the fact that with this project they are also breaking the myth that Slovakia is just an assembly workshop. On the contrary, innovation is key for them as well as for other TIER1 suppliers.

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