RoboTech Vision presented two mobile robots at Expo 2020 Dubai.

In the space section, Slovakia presented two mobile robots Androver I. and Androver II.

RoboTech Vision

Androver I – Robot used on ESA space mission

Androver I is one of the first mobile robots developed by RoboTech Vision. The robot was first used for the internal development of autonomous navigation algorithms, and later, thanks to its smaller size, it found its application on a simulated space mission carried out under the patronage of the European Space Agency. The mission took place in early 2020 at the HI-SEAS station in Hawaii, where a volcanic environment simulated the space terrain. In particular, the aim was to explore lava caves, similar to the lunar surface, where humans could one day build their first dwellings.

Mission members had the opportunity to test various robotic platforms that could one day be part of real space missions. Androver I was rated the best by mission commander Dr. Michaela Musil. The robot had the most endurance, overcame the most challenging obstacles and could be controlled from inside the station. Androver I is joystick controlled and moves more efficiently in the field due to the Double Ackerman chassis. Its larger version is the Androver II robot, which can be fitted with an RTV sensor Box from RoboTech Vision, which also allows the device to move autonomously.

Androver I on a simulated space mission

Androver II – Autonomous mobile robot with artificial intelligence

The Androver II mobile robot is a development platform completely created by RoboTech Vision. The robot is mainly used for the internal development of autonomous navigation algorithms on the road and in the vineyard, which can also be adapted for space industry purposes. The robot has therefore also undergone testing at the European Space Agency in the past and also won first place in an international competition in the autonomous driving category.

Androver II moves autonomously thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and the RTV Sensor Box, which is also developed by RoboTech Vision. The RTV Sensor Box is a pooled sensor that allows the robot to segment or plan a path, detect obstacles, and autonomously navigate to a destination.

The robot is also exceptional because of its Double Ackerman suspension chassis, which ensures easier passage through the terrain. Also innovative is the use of BLDC HUB motors, which give the robot a quiet and maintenance-free operation. Most of the company’s intelligent algorithms have been developed on the robot, which can now be deployed on other equipment, not just the robot.

Androver II and its autonomous navigation in the vineyard
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