At the Expo in Dubai, we presented Slovak food and agricultural companies and their innovations

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Business missions         9.03.2022

Slovakia presented Slovak food producers and sustainable agricultural technologies at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. This happened during the Expo’s food and agriculture week. A delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic (MPRV SR) led by State Secretary Martin Kováč visited the Slovak Pavilion.

The main goal of the MPRV SR business mission – set up in cooperation with the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) – was the internationalization of Slovak companies and establishment of new export partnerships at the international level.

The food and agriculture week at Expo 2020 Dubai also included water retention measures. These do not relate to Slovakia; however, they play a globally important role in achieving sustainable infrastructure. Such measures as rainwater management can help reduce the risk of floods, mitigate scarcity of water resources, and improve natural ecosystems.

The thematic block was officially opened by the State Secretary of MPRV SR, Martin Kováč, who also introduced himself as an expert in water retention technologies. During his presentation at the Slovak Pavilion, which was also broadcast online, Martin Kováč introduced the international audience to the concept of Land – the country’s carbon and water bank.

“Carbon agriculture has the potential to involve farmers and foresters in achieving collective climate goals,” said Martin Kováč, State Secretary of MPRV SR.

A programme highlight was a business forum organized by the MPRV SR and SARIO in cooperation with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, where Slovak producers of leading agricultural technologies presented themselves to an international 80-member audience.

Martin Kravčík from WaterHolistic spoke about water as the main pillar in solving the climate crisis. Adam Szöke presented ROKOSAN and their production of amino acid fertilizers through the processing of organic waste. This unique technology uses, for example, the processing of feathers into liquid eco-friendly fertilizers. It’s an interesting example of using waste from animal production to fertilize soil.

“The Business Forum welcomed Mohammed bin Sulaiman from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce as a speaker. Many international participants were also attracted to our pavilion, who then joined informal networking. For Slovak entrepreneurs, the SARIO agency provided twenty B2B negotiations with major distributors from the UAE. Slovak companies could also attend a professional presentation about entering the UAE’s food and beverage segment,” said Egon Zorad, SARIO Sales Commissioner at the Slovak exposition at Expo 2020 Dubai.


According to him, the interest of local partners showed the export potential and competitiveness of Slovak companies in the food, beverages and agriculture segment. And the extensive professional programme confirmed that SARIO representatives’ work at the Expo is a crucial tool in supporting Slovak companies expanding into new markets.

The presentation of Slovak food producers was also a great success at the World Expo. Slovak companies such as Natures, Novofruct SK, Peelo, Pewas, Rossumcafe, Luxury Brand and Rokosan were presented as part of a business mission organized under the auspices of MPRV SR. As part of the SARIO National Project, food companies such as Biobiltong, Descanti, Gentlejam, Kolatch, Opre ‘Cidery and Zizak presented their products. The main aim of the presentation was to help Slovak food companies gain international contacts, and explore potential business partnerships and new export opportunities.

“We evaluate the Slovak mission focused on food and agriculture very positively. We contributed to the global debate on sustainable agriculture, presented Slovak food products at the world level, and entered into negotiations with international buyers. We firmly believe this will lead to long-term and beneficial business partnerships,” said Zuzana Vicelová, Deputy Commissioner General of the Slovak Expo at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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